Help creating instrument

Hello everybody,
I’m completely new to HALion.
I have successfully created a sample-based instrument (with 1 sample named Bass.wav), I have created knobs and sliders and I have associated those knobs to some parameters (like ADSR) using the Macro Page Designer, all works great.
Problem: When I replace the sample of the instrument with another one (Guitar.wav) all connections are lost because related to the sample named Bass.wav and I have to reconnect all knobs. Is there a way to avoid this and keep all parameters linked to the knobs and sliders when I replace the sample?

Thanks in advance for your help.

You could try to do it by changing the scope.

So instead of @0:Zone 1/... you could try @zone:0/... or @type:Zone/...

It is explained here:

Thanks, it works!