Help, Cubase 12 Not playing back vocal tracks from past projects

Okay, so I’m having an issue that just cost me a session today… I updated Cubase 12 to the .70 version and past projects won’t playback vocals, they’ll paly instrumentals just fine, but any vocal tracks on the project will not play, I’ve checked in the project files and the vocals are not corrupted or anything, but for some reason this is only a problem with just those tracks. Even my record track that I record to won’t play back anything I record. At least in the template I use. The tracks show that the files have level on the events, but on the meters nothing shows up, nothing is muted, levels on the faders are up, all plugins are up to date, all software is up to date, drivers are up to date. When I create a new vocal track not originally in the project I can drag the audio to that new track and it will play back, but I really don’t want to have to go back and try to redo that to any project I have to revisit… Help?

I’m on Windows 10 64-Bit
Intell i7 7700K
32 GB DDR4 3600
GTX 1070 GPU

Nevermind… Turns out my Auto-Tune License Expired -____-

Fortunately Cubase Pro has excellent built-in pitch correction (and more) mechanisms.