Help!? Cubase installation error

Hi there so i have been using Cubase LE for a while now and just recently i tried to just move the files over to a new hard drive as my previous hard drive was filling up. But then when i ran cubase and tried and set up my Scarlett 2i2, it does not appear in the audio devices menu

So i thought i simple uninstall and reinstall would work… but i cannot uninstall cubase i get an error saying “The specified account already exists” then the uninstaller/installer just fails and force closes…??

Please help! :slight_smile:

I’m having the same problem. I can download the Windows Zip File but it fails trying to unzip FCP_SMT_028_HS_Vintage_Bass_FW_Pick_Add_01.vstsound

I’ve downloaded the installation file many times and on different PCs but still fails. Not a great advert for the Cubase package from Steinberg!! Mine was bundled with a Zoom R8 Recorder Controller. I think I’ll complain to Zoom as well. I’m sure they dont want to bundle someone elses crap software!

Hi and welcome,

Did you move just the projects (data) to the new hard drive or the whole system?

Try to reinstal Scarlett driver.