Help! "Cubase stopped working"

Everything worked flawless upon yesterday.
Today i start my computer and start Cubase, by the time the hub comes on I get a window “Cubase stopped working” and it crashes back to desktop.

This is what i did already:

  1. started Cubase in safe mode > same error
  2. moved all preferences manually > same error
  3. reinstalled Cubase > same error
  4. Did sytem restore to yesterday > same error
  5. renamed VST2 and VST3 folders > same error

I don’t know what else to try? any suggestions left? It doesn’t even come to leaving a crashdump file, it exits before that.

and we’re back in business: mididevices.bin got corrupted!
I had a disconnect with my overhub yesterday and for some reason it reiterated all devices connected, which probably no longer corresponded with certain addresses. 2 hours lost troubleshooting :frowning: