HELP! Cubasis 1.9.7 + iPad Air

Hi all,

I have a friend who is having problems getting Cubasis to recognize their Yamaha Motif 6 Midi Controller. Here’s the details:

  • Running Cubasis 1.9.7 on an iPad Air (iOS 9.2.1);
  • Running the Yamaha Motif 6 into the iPad air via a USB-to-lightning connector
  • The Motif 6 mid-output is set to “USB”

Does anyone have any ideas as to why Cubasis might not be recognizing the Yamaha?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Hi tmacrae,

Confirmed here, iOS 9.2.1 doesn’t work with Motif 6 via USB.

The Motif ES 8 works with iOS 9.2.1 and USB.

If you want to use the Motif 6 with iOS 9.2.1 you need an Midi interface.


By Jan, thank you for your help with this. I am the friend that had trouble with the motif 6.I have a new problem the midi interface works but the patches don’t work. Cubasis plays correct patches on my iPad but through the motif 6,it’s playing the wrong patches for example playing piano for drums ,piccolo for bass etc. Do you know how to cure this problem?


Hi All,
I have an iPad Air with Cubasis 1.9.7 running on it. I am using an Irig2 mid interface between the iPad air and my Yamaha motif 6. The interface is working fine except for the fact that the wrong patches are being played on the motif six. When I play the midi files right on the iPad Air, the correct patches are played, example, drums for drums, guitar for guitar, etc.
However, when I send the same signals from Cubasis with the same midi files to the motif 6 the wrong patches are played, example, guitar for drums, piano for flute, saxophone for bass, etc. Can anyone help me with this?
Thank you in advance.