Help! Device setup problem - Cubase 9.0 Pro

Hello everyone,

First of all, my father had always been the Cubase professional in the house. Unfortunately :cry: , he passed away two months ago, so I`hope someone can help me out with my Cubase 9.0 Pro problem.

I think I have a problem in my device setup or in the VST connection setup. I recorded some midi tracks with my synth, keyboard and VST instruments and that works very well. As soon as I try to record the midi track in audio tracks, it doesnt give any signal. The settings of my devices are quite complicated, therefore I dont dare to change anything without ruining everything.
This are my current instruments and settings: Keyboard = Tyros 3 on channel 2, Synth = Korg Kronos on channel 1, VST = Retroluoge 2 and Groove Agent. VST Audio System = Octa-Capture.
VST connections(I dont really understand this part), input/left = IN 1-2, input right = IN 1-2(2). Output/left = OUT 1-2, output/right = OUT 1-2(2) Maybe it is nessecary to mention that there also is a Steinberg Midex8 device(I dont think that this is the problem)

The strangest thing is when I record the midi track form the Korg Kronos in audio it gives a signal!?!? :question: All other don`t. Can someone help me please, or at least tell me where the problem could be?

I hope to hear from you soon. Thanks in advance.


Son of “Big Bear”(this account) :slight_smile:

i am so sorry to hear that your father has been passed away!