Help: Displaying Markers from Avid generated aaf's into Nuendo

Video editors working with Avid often rely on “markers” to insert notes and comments while exchanging aaf with the audio dept; I was wondering if there’s any way to show these markers inside a Nuendo session?
thanks for your help

thats a good request.
ProTools imports marker tracks from the Media Composer, would be very nice if nuendo would do so too!


A similar [FR] has been added recently:

As far as I know, Avid can export the markers in a tabulated txt file.
Just import that .txt file into the CSV Marker import and you are in business.


thanks for the tip Fredo! my usual routine is to open the aaf in pro tools and write down the markers from there; but it would be good to have this into Nuendo without the need to ask for additional files to the editor

Are these marker tracks part of the AAF? AFAIK, that isn’t in the AAF-specs.
Or are these marker tracks generated from the metadata within the audiofiles?
If so, then you should be able to see that information in the Project Infoline too.
(Not 100% sure of the above …)

Anyway, regarding the Avid Marker Export, just put that in your delivery specs, along with the Audio & Video EDL and other stuff.


Yes they’re part of the aaf, they’re basically short written notes set at a specific timecode that are displayed as flags on the timeline.
You are right, one can always ask for additional files in the specs but Avid is the de facto standard in video editing so video editors are not enthusiast when they have to provide additional files to non-Avid daws :wink:

Owkeej … I learned something today.

When importing/converting an AAF through AA translator (AAF=> Steinberg XML), indeed a Marker track is generated.
Nuendo reads the marker track correctly, the markers are present, but no additional information is present.
So I have numbered markers at a specific timecode, but nothing else …