Help dorico 5 crossover


I just bought the dorico 5 crossgrade, it says that i will download it in the Steinberg download assistant and it should be named Dorico 5 crossgrade… but i can’t find it?

Did you enter the download access code?

Yes and it says that is should be under “My product downloads” But i can only see dorico pro 5 and dorico se there…

Like this

And this is what it says when i reedem my code

Try downloading and installing Dorico Pro 5 - that’s what you have bought (via crossgrade offer).

When I do that and starts dorico 5 I only have the SE version?

Have you activated the license in the Steinberg activation manager? I admit the process is a bit convoluted, but only the first time - minor updates are much simpler to install :slight_smile:

Yeah it looks like it

Lol i had to deactivate the dorico se option… Thank you so much for your support!


Hm, usually Dorico should automatically choose the highest available license (unless you hold down Alt or some other command key during startup to force it into choosing a different license). Strange…

Great! Now have fun with Dorico! There are not many programs that I really enjoy using, but writing in Dorico is actually fun.

It may be difficult (coming from another notation tool) to “get” Dorico’s philosophy - at least some people who changed over from Finale or Sibelius had trouble adapting to the “Dorico way” - I highly recommend working through the First Steps Guide, and maybe watching some of the YouTube tutorials so you really get into it from the ground up. Some things may look a bit more complicated at first, but you’ll soon notice how much faster you get stuff done in Dorico.