Help! Drop Outs in writing to DDP continues

Unfortunately, the problem still persists… I get dropouts in the burned file when using “external gear” plugin. I am using a Manley Variable Mu Mastering Version limiter/compressor using inputs 3/4 and outputs 3/4 on a RME Fireface UC.

I changed the sound card latency to 512 samples. The buffer in Audio Streaming Settings is set to 64. I’ve even attached a separate firewire drive to burn the dpp image to.

This issue is a show stopper. This problem happens sometimes only. I was able to burn couple of DPP image with no droputs. What can possibly be the problem? I have set the external gear plugin latency to the default of “auto”. Should I increase this latency manually??

It must be something to do with the external gear plugin in the Wavelab mastering section. However, I can’t think of any other things to try. I would really hate to give up on Wavelab… Help!

Creating a ddp can take time and is not necessariliy adapted to real time processing, as you do. You should create your files and render them with the processor you want. Then, create the ddp without using a real time plugin. At least this is worth trying.

Okay, I will try your suggestion. I wonder because I am using an external gear plugin, creating a dpp image or even rendering it is in 1x speed and takes a lot of time. So when the result is bad, it is really a killer…

I had to have the master ready for the customer today. The drop out was on track 8 only at 2 places. I went ahead and re-processed that track only and replaced the bad track with dropouts in Montage. So the Master is done and sounds great but I still need to figure out where this problem is coming from.

+1. Plus, wouldn’t it be handy from a practical standpoint to have the ‘master’ of the track anyway? As opposed to just the DDP?

With a DDP, you can easily then covert it to wave for a master. I went to DDP so I can proof the actual file to submit.

Anyway, I think I am getting closer to what is causing this. I don’t think it has anything to do with latency or buffer or even the external plugin. I am now suspecting the dithering plugin. I received a hint last night when Wavelab 7 gave me an “a serious error has occured in your plugin” message.

What I noticed was the dithering plugin interface was different. This montage was made in Wavelab 6 and the master plugins saved. The source files are 24 bit. I was using UV22HR to dither it down to 16 bit. The UV22HR has a different look in WL 7. However, when showing this montage plugin in WL 7, the UV22HR interface from WL 6 was showing up. Weird.

I burned a DDP without the dithering plugin to test. The burning process to DDP makes it 16 bit automatically and my question is does it dither it down to 16bit or just chop off the last 8 bits without any dithering? Another words, was having a dithering plugin active to burn a DDP redundant? And if redundant, cause dropouts?

Okay, I am about to give up. The drop outs still occur. In rendering or burning to DDP or even just plain playback through the external plugin. It even had dropout when I rendered just one song. It is not the dithering plugin as I removed it. It is hard to troubleshoot as it is intermittent and sometimes, it is okay. But on a whole CD length render, it occurs multiple times. No pattern that I can find to help trouble shoot further.

I will now try another interface and also move the Manley Vari Mu Mastering Limiter to another system and test. :frowning: :frowning:

Btw, i assume you are using wavelab 7.1.1, right?

No. It is 7.1.0 build 543. Didn’t want to go to 7.1.1 because it says it is not yet officially supported.

I contacted Manley but I seriously doubt it is the compressor. Very unlikely that everytime the dropout occurs, it is in both channels exactly the same if the problem was the Manley compressor. Identical dropouts where the wave file just gets a flat line on both L and R is what is happening here…

No. It is 7.1.0 build 543. Didn’t want to go to 7.1.1 because it says it is not yet officially supported.

You should use 7.1.1, because the External Gear plugin has been much improved in this version!


Okay, thanks. I will install 7.1.1 and test this weekend.

Best regards from NYC.

Installing 7.1.1 messed up the Sonnox plugins and 2 others. They won’t load when Wavelab 7 starts. Is this a known issue?

Not a know problem of 7.1.1
Try reinstaling. Uninstall nothing.

Great, that worked. Thanks.

I’ll have to check for dropouts now.

Well, I think I finally have good news.

I increased the latency on the RME Fireface UC to 1024 samples and burned 2 copies of the CD (70 minutes) using the external plugin in and dithering.

No drop outs on both burns.

I have no idea why it requires such large latency on this RME Fireface UC and the laptop. I am only mastering stereo tracks where the source tracks are 44.1khz/24 bit. I mean, even my old Pentium IV 2.53ghz/512mb ram had no problems mastering a 44.1khz/24bit stereo track using Wavelab 6 and external plugin… This laptop is Core 2 Duo 2.8ghz/6gb ram. The internal drive on the laptop is a good one. A Seagate with 7200rpm and SATA 3Gb/s interface. Perhaps the MOTU 828 (which is on the older computer) is better suited than the RME Fireface with Wavelab? Can’t say. But the RME is more current and has better converters and sounds better.

Anyway, it seems working now… keeping my fingers crossed.

3rd burn with no problems. Looks good now. :smiley: :smiley: