Help editing text in Engrave Mode

Is there a trick to actually targeting a particular text field?
Whatever text field I try to double click in Engrave >> Frames mode I always get the same frame to edit.

Here I double clicked the frame with the layout name in it and I got the frame with the Flow title in it.

If the frames overlap is there a way of scrolling through each frame in turn?

I don’t know if this is the official/recommended/proper way of doing scrolling between frames, but if you click a frame and it is the wrong one, try pressing the arrow keys. You might need to make sure that an edit handle is not selected.

Choose the Project Title frame and use the Properties panel to offset it 10 units from each side. That leaves the title centered and gives you an area to click to gain access to the fields behind it.

I have made that a default, and it saves me lots of time when I edit a Page Template.

When frames are overlapping, double-clicking is less reliable.

Try selecting the edge of the frame you want to edit, then pressing Return.


I often work with Dorico on my laptop and when I want to write text in engrave mode, the text properties panel positions itself to high for me to be able to acces all functions. I have to be at the right zoom level to access all of the properties.
Also in engrave mode, when writing text in the different text boxes Dorico, opens the wrong box when I double click. But by reading this thread, I will try the Enter trick.