HELP - elicense disappeared in Blue LPT dongle

Please help!
I ran “eLincenserControl”, I can see the elicense for Philharmonk, but not the elicense on the LPT dongle
(it is a blue LPT dongle with “Steinberg” engraved on both sides, and brown label “CUBASE VST/32”.
How can I retreive my elicense?
I remember the Steinberg dongle stopped working the first time I inserted the then newly bought Philharmonik software, and inserted both the LPT and USB dongles. I might have registered my product with my old email address now no more accessible, so cannot access suport. Please help! Thanks.

“elicense” for an LPT printer port Cubase dongle? Unless you transferred your dongle to a Steinberg elicense, I don’t think you need anything else.

I don’t know what the Philharmonik does to an LPT dongle, but if it messes it up maybe you now need to transfer your LPT dongle license to an elicense. You’ll have to contact Steinberg for that.