Help Embedding Loop Metadata via Loop Tweaker

Hello, trying Wavelab 9 Elements out now to see if it provides what I need.

I am trying to use the Loop Tweaker to embed loop point metadata into a WAV file. Once I export the file, I place it in Kontakt and choose “restore loops from sample” section and Kontakt should bring up my loop points from Wavelab.

Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to work and not sure if this is something I am doing wrong in Wavelab 9 Elements or this isn’t supported. Any help is appreciated!

If you reopen the file in WaveLab, are the marker imported?

Ya it doesn’t seem like they carry over when I reopen the file, even though the crossfade settings are baked into the file cause I can hear a slight volume bump from before.

I am sure I am missing some setting on export. Any tips appreciated!

Maybe ask Kontakt about what marker support they provide.

Does W Elements handle loop markers in a different way than the full version?

When I used the W Elements I had problems with Kontakt recognising that information. But it could have been just user error.


Just did some test with W Elements.

If I create a sample set the loop markers and save the file, Kontakt can see the loop points.

If I create a sample, set the loop markers and export the file, Kontakt doesn’t see the loop points.
However opening the exported file in Wavelab again, the loop markers are there.

I don’t know what’s technical difference between exporting and just saving an existing or modified file, but in one case Kontakt can see the loop markers, in the other it doesn’t.

Try saving the file instead of exporting.

Thanks misohoza! That seemed to do the trick. Very strange that exporting the audio makes it so Kontakt can’t see the loops though.

When you render, you must active the option “Copy markers” in the Render Options menu.

Yes, I had this option checked and the markers present when opening this file in Wavelab, but still Kontakt couldn’t read the markers from the exported file.

It can however read the markers if the file is saved with the markers (not rendered/exported).

Hi PG, I tried your instruction, but like misohoza I was unable to get the markers to appear after rendering. Saving is still working though.

I’m on the one month trial version to choose a new audio editor … and it seems that despite this thread and the years, it is still not solved :confused:

Does anyone know if this is planned or if it is better that I switch to another editor to prepare samples for Kontakt?

What is not working exactly? If you use the WaveLab option to save markers inside the .wav file, it should work.

Thanks for being here PG :slight_smile:

After placing my loops marker, I have two options :

  • saving the file, and Kontakt find my loop, everything is fine

  • rendering (with “Copy markers” option activated), and this case, Kontakt does no find the loop…
    … but, and it is important, if I import the rendered file in SpectraLayers for example, SpectaLayers find the markers.

So it looks like the metadata are not exactly the same… and of course, I would like to use the rendering way :wink:

I recommend you to send Kontakt a file with markers, that SpectraLayers can load unlike Kontakt.

Philippe, I think the point is that Kontakt does find the loop from a saved WL file, but not from a rendered WL file.

I understand that. Metadata can be located in various legal locations of a file (start, end).
That means that Kontakt has a flaw to extract metadata from WAV files. Hence if they have a sample file, they will certainly find the reason.

But does WL write this metadata differently in a saved file then in a rendered file?

Maybe. The markers could be written at the head or the tail of the file, according to various context.
Bit in all case, the WAV standard is respected.

Guys, it’s crazy, but I have similar problem.
Neither Omnisphere, nor Spectre (Waldorf Blofeld app) doesn’t recognise WL loop points.
And the weirdest is that they recognise loop points that I made in Halion sample window.
Even more - Halion does not recognise loop points made in WaveLab, too!

So, only Wave Lab see it’s loop points, when I import file back.