HELP Export looses volume

Hi. I have a problem when I Export (Audio Mixdown) I loose approx 10db! My Stereo out fader is at Zero and my Control Room (is not in use) but fader there is also Zero (if it matters). My project is in 24Bit/48Khz and so is the audio mixdown. I have tried both Wav files and AIFF. Same thing.

When I import the exported file back to the project and compare the file is approx 10db lower than the original project. Any idea where the trouble can be located - Anyone?

It is not all projects that are affected by this, but alas one I need to finish NOW!

Same plroblem with Cubase 7 hereā€¦:frowning: more then one year and nobody answered??? wow.

Idk if is your case, but i was with a similar problem. In my case it was the control room mixer - metering option, it must be digital scale.

All the best