Help: Exporting Automation

What am I doing wrong here?

Cubase (V6 with latest patch) and MOTIF XS used to create a MIDI file.

Automation of volume, expression, pan, GM reverb (Cntlr 91) and GM chorus (Cntlr 93) created in Cubase. Project plays back perfectly in Cubase.

Export the project as a MIDI file (Type 1). Select “Export Automation”.

Import the newly created MIDI file and all the automation has vanished except the “expression” data.

Why does “volume”, “pan”, “GM reverb” and “GM chorus” not get exported?

(Or does it get exported but not re-imported?)



Maybye this is imported as classical MIDI CC, not as automation data. Try to check this.

What about import settings?


Indeed, I’m expecting to see the MIDI file imported with CC changes in the tracks instead of Cubase automation in the automation lanes. (Although there are preferences that allow the extraction of various parameters when importing a MIDI file, none of these are selected.) However, the only CCs in any track are expression messages.

I’ve checked I’m not filtering anything in the streams (inbound and outbound) and, as far as I can tell, I’m not.

I’ve tried loading the MIDI file directly to a GM keyboard with an onboard sequencer - again no automation loaded except expression. This makes me think its not being exported by Cubase. Can anyone confirm?


Did you try to change MIDI automations to MIDI CCs and than export? what about this? I have no problem to export MIDI data with all CCs.

What a good idea!

How do I change “automation” to MIDI CCs?


I think, there is factory preset in the Project Logical Editor (I’m on the iPad, now, no Cubase), or somewhere. :wink:

Can’t find any preset do it but I have found a rather clunky workaround:-

Set the left and right locators to cover the whole project.

Then for each track:-

  1. Select the track and duplicate it (this ensures the MIDI channel and inspector info is the same as the original)

  2. Solo the original track

  3. Select all parts on the original track

  4. Select the duplicate track

  5. From the MIDI menu select “Merge MIDI in loop”

  6. Make sure the “erase destination track” is clicked then hit OK

  7. Delete the orignal track

  8. Rename the duplicate track to the original name

All automation track data is converted to CCs in the merged version.

This is all a bit time consuming and you will lose many, if not all, of the part boundaries of the original track. Depending on your preference settings the created parts will be named differently to the originals.

If anyone knows a way to get Cubase to output automation tracks as CC events when you export to a MIDI file (apart from Expression which it does anyway and all Main Volume and Pan events except the first) that information would really help.

Alternatively, if there is a way to reverse the process of “CCs to Automation Tracks” that would be pretty good too. It should be possible to reverse the function rather than it being a one-way street.



My mistake, there is Extract MIDI Automation in the MIDI > Functions menu. Not opposite.


Hello Jamie,
Martin’s first reply is the way Cubase should behave on import, unless you activate the option in Preferences>MIDI>MIDI File>Import Options>“Import Controller as Automation Tracks”.
As regards your “clunky workaround”, that is in fact the correct way to do it :wink: (“Merge MIDI in Loop”).

However, I am a little unclear as to whether or not your cc/automation data was in fact exported/re-imported (whether into a MIDI part, or as automation lane). IS it in fact there somewhere, or completely missing? (i.e. how does it play back?)

Hi Vic

I’m sure that Cubase should be exporting the automation data to a MIDI file, but it seems that it doesn’t inlcude the first occurance of the data in the file. This is a pain since, like most folk, I use bar 1 as a MIDI instrument set-up bar.

I’m going to experiment with putting all the set-up controller in twice (once to be ignored by the export algorithm and once to be included in the exported file).

The “Merge MIDI in loop” transfers not just the notes from parts on non-muted tracks but also, fortunately for me, transfers all the automation data in lanes to CC data in the merged part. Apart from the initial setting of the automation parameter all other automation data (in the automation lanes) is removed by the function. This is the right thing to do, for my purposes, otherwise I would then have the automation data in twice (once as CCs in the parts and once in the automation lanes).

Of course, if you were wanting to use “Merge MIDI in loop” to merge MIDI parts together, you’d also transfer the part’s automation lane data to CCs in the merged part so would have to remember to transfer it back to the automation lanes afterwards (using the standard MIDI function).