Help: Exporting files to video game

Hi all,

I´m editing dialog for a video game and have 200 regions that I have to export. I have to add 1sec silence at the beginning and the end of the file.

I´m editing the regions so the region starts at the beginning of the dialog and ends at the end of the dialog then renaming the regions to comply naming convention and then hit render in place to make the files.

I´m facing two problems:

1- Naming problem: When render in place is done the resulting files have the name of the region which is fine, but after that is the name of the recording file that I don´t need

2- Adding 1sec head: As render in place have the option to add 1sec tail there is no problem with that, but I have no found anyway to add 1sec head to all the files.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.


Naming solved using export events.

Any ideas on how to add one sec head to all files?


Are you using cycle markers and then batch exporting those, or just bouncing the rendered files?
That (cycle markers) would definitely affect the naming issue, and it would allow you to add the additional 1 second head by extending the front end of each cycle marker (although I believe you would have to manually change each marker).

Just one way to do it. There’s are probabaly others.

Creating and naming 200 cycle markers is a pain. Especially when you later move regions when you adjust stuff. I only use this if I bounce down multi-track sound effects and I have many of them in one project.

Although Nuendo is advertised as being great for game production, I think all the new game related features are questionable in their broad use. Nuendo lacks more flexible project organisation and export options. Anyway, to answer your question…

I don’t think there exists such an option. If you’re on the Mac, look at Myriad ( I use it to batch convert, trim, use effects on multiple files at a time. Especially when I have VOs coming from another studio, and there’s 6000 of them, and 500 need a special effect applied (i.e. telephone), I use Myriad to bake this in.

If you manage to put a tail on them in Nuendo, here’s another idea. Do that so all your exports have a 1s tail.

Download Reaper. You can use it in evaluation version with no restriction. There’s a PC version, too.
Open the batch processor in Reaper. Add all your files to it (or experiment with a single file first). Before you process, enable FX (plugins) for processing the files. There, add a Delay effect. Give it a 1000ms delay, remove the musicla beats delay and only output 100% wet.

Process files. Now you have a 1000ms delay before the sound starts. And a 1s tail from Nuendo export.

It’s an ugly hack but it works and is free as solution :wink:

Wouldn’t we be able to add a delay in Nuendo then as well?

I agree that naming 200 + cycle markers is a pain - I wasn’t sure if the OP had already done it that way or if they were using direct bounce/export. However, if you do use cycle markers, it’s not really a pain to move them later because you can lasso them all and move them in one shot just like audio files. You can do the same thing to add length to them - just make sure you highlight all of the cycle markers in the marker track, and then extend or retract the length as needed in one move. They will all re-adjust.

Having said that, I agree with you that Reaper has moved ahead in terms of batch rendering and exporting of all types. I use it more often than Nuendo specifically for that reason, which is why I’m not 100% clear on the best solution to the issue at hand.

I work primarily on games and use a variety of DAWS for different things. The batch converter and batch rendering in Reaper make it my Swiss army knife.

FYI there’s a method in Reaper for importing massive numbers of pre-named files (such as hundreds of dialog files), and then with one keystroke, create regions for each (Reaper’s equivalent of Cycle Markers) that are named exactly as each of the imported audio files are named. Then they can be tweaked, processed, and/or extended and batch rendered out, already named. Huge time saver. It involves using the SWS extensions but it’s superb for this very type of issue that the OP is having.

Maybe there’s still a Nuendo solution for adding the delay?

Hi all,

Thanks for the help.

Will try the reaper trick as creating markers is not an option cause this 200 are just the first batch we will end up doing around 60000 files so we are looking for a painless automated method.

Thanks all for yout help.

Is someone using Soundforge Pro 11?
I´ve seen that batch convert can do that and more but don´t know how fast and efficient is.