Help! External instrument sounding twice

Hi all, I’m in a bit of a rush, gotta a client with me and gotta go out so hoping someone can answer what is probably an easy one if you know how.

I’ve got a piano connect via USB, triggered from MIDI, and the outputs coming back into my s/c inputs 3/4. I have set up an External Instrument in F4, assigned the ports, and can hear output from the piano through Returns 1/2, although i can find a fader or anything for it.

Then, as per manual, I selected the piano as a VSTi in F11, which gives me a channel to work with. Trouble is, I now have an echo - the first sound from the Return and the second one from the channel.

How do I fix this and where’s that Return channel on the mixer?

Thanks for any help.


Once more, it would have been a good idea to post some info on your soundcard :unamused: - sounds like you´re double monitoring via Cubase and soundcard.

You might want to check your Control Room.

I agree, sounds like your monitoring from more than one source. Make sure one you only have 1 midi/instrament channel for your vst. Might also be a control room issue.

I’m not using control room, though perhaps I should be, but it’s just me at my desk so I never bothered. The soundcard is a Saffire LE and there are indeed several faders on the mixer app which I will look into.

Thanks for your help, chaps.