Help Finding Cubase 9.0 Complete install Link SOLVED

Just got new computer and I had updated my old system to 9.5 From version 9.0 ( I have been updating since version 7 on this computer).

Steinberg Download says the following “If you have registered your Cubase Pro 9 license, you can find the complete installer needed for a new installation in your MySteinberg account under My Products ▸ Downloads” When I go there, no download exists except for 9.5. Does anyone have access to a full 9.0 Installation they can share or cue me as to what I am doing wrong?
Thanks For all and and any help :slight_smile:

Don’t understand, download the 9.5 and install that.
Unless you really need to use the old 9.0 version ?

do you have the complete 9.5 installer listed in your account? Despite being activated if I go there I just see the 100MB download assistant 9.5 download, I remember in 9.0 there was also the full however many gigs package. I also can’t see any of my old versions. (I assume you have the 9.5 upgrade installer files and was looking for the full 9.0 to install first, and upgrade afterwards)

Use the Steinberg Download Assistant to download the full version.
You are right only the update patch shows in MySteinberg, they must have changed that.

I need both 9 and 9.5 on my system. I have had to many issues with routing not being translated from 9 to 9.5 ( I use racks of outboard gear and Antelope GOliath 32 outs) and it is time consuming to setup on older projects. Also until I am sure that 9.5 is stable I don’t feel comfortable using during tracking sessions. The download assistant only allows 9.5 and in past the 9 was listed in My Steinberg account. I went to the FTP site and it isn’t available there either.
If anyone has the 9.0 media I would be in your debt if you could dropbox (or any other way) to me!!!
Another reason why I prefer old fashion DVD media lol

You can just copy over your settings dir and all your routing options and templates will be there, no need to reconfigure everything.

You must have misunderstood my need as I am not sure what that has to do with me obtaining the earlier version of cubase.

I understand that I can do what was mentioned, but how does that enable me to use a prior version of Cubase? In the past all previous versions were available via Steinberg’s site, they no longer are.

Do you personally have a full Version of Cubase 9 you can share?

Found a friend local that had made a copy/so I am up and running.