Help for audio headphones with Cubase 11 Elements

Hi, I bought a new laptop ACER Nitro 5, and also bought Cubase 11 Elements. When I use Cubase 11 with headphones, the audio is always heard only from the computer speakers, not from the headphones. Can anyone help me with the exact audio settings to be able to listen to Cubase 11 with headphones? Thank you.

Hi Stefano. Normally if your laptop speakers work with Cubase, your headphones should as well. Accept if you have two different audio cards/outputs then you will have to specify which one of these you wanna use in Cubase (check in: “audio connections” and/or “studio” to do so). If that doesn’t do the trick as somebody who knows what he’s talkin about :laughing:
I mean then you should probably check your computer settings as well (in Windows)…

Hi Frank, my laptop has only one sound card (already checked), with ASIO audio drivers for speakers and headphones. When on Cubase 11 I enter the audio driver settings, and select the Headphone drivers of the computer sound card, they are not active on Cubase. Yet on the laptop the audio can be heard from both the speakers and the headphones. The problem arises only on Cubase: I hear the audio from the speakers (in fact in the settings the drivers are active), while those of the headphones are not active. How can I activate them on Cubase?

Which ASIO driver have you selected in Cubase settings?

It sounds like you are using the built in sound system of the laptop, not a dedicated external interface. Is that correct?

If so, I would recommend checking out the asio4all driver.

ASIO4ALL Official Home - news and updates

You have to configure the Generic Low Latency ASIO driver to use the headphone output…
Cubase takes what you configure there…