Help for making harmony excercises

I’m making exercises for my harmony students and I have some problems with the workflow of Dorico.
I’m doing figured bass so:

1 - I need the bass with the figuration (easy) and transpose the whole exercise to different keys without changing the figured bass (achievable with the transpose option, but when you use the shortcut with alt funny stuff happens…)

2 - I need one of the piano staffs to be empty. Now it displays a whole note rest per measure. I think you can do this in Dorico, but I don’t know how :frowning:

3 - I wish I could have sort of logical editor to “put a double barline every x measures” and “put a system break every x measures”. If dorico can’t do this, it will be a great feature to think about in future updates.

4 - Copy the same formatting (keys, barlines, system breaks, hidden rests) to new parts of the excersise.

Could you help me in some of these things?

I have to say that being able to write using figured bass is amazing and I love it how it works, but it should be displayed with a guide as when you input the notes in order to figure out if you’re putting the figured bass in the third or in the fourth part of a whole note. I’ll need this when I prepare the suspension exercises.

For hiding bar rests - see here. This affects all bars in the layout on any staff.

For consistent system breaks, you can set a fixed casting off.

Copying formatting - if you set a fixed casting off and hide bar rests, those shouldn’t have to be copied. You can select, copy, and paste explicit barline changes (e.g. if you input double barlines every 4 bars, select however many you want to copy, then paste them where you want the pattern to be repeated).

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Thank you very much! It’s just what I need. May my students prepare themselves for the next year… :stuck_out_tongue: