Help for newbie please

Hello, I’ve got myself a Zoom H2 and using it for some recordings.
Trying to get my head around Cubase LE 9 but I can’t get any sound to play through my laptop speakers (I don’t have a soundcard yet)
The troubleshooting tips I’ve found don’t seem to apply to Windows 10.
In DEVICE SETUP all I have is VST Audio System and then NO DRIVER in the box to the right.

What am I doing wrong?
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Hi, and welcome to the forum.

Cubase requires the use of an ASIO driver for audio. So you need an audio interface which supports ASIO (keep that in mind when shopping for an interface). The audio driver for your (and most, all?) laptop’s don’t support ASIO. As a workaround you should get ASIO4ALL which Cubase will see & it will also pass the audio on to your laptop’s audio driver.

FYI this sub-forum is really for broken stuff (e.g. Cubase crashes when…) and not ‘how to’ questions. For those you’ll get more views and replies in the General sub-forum. :wink:

Thank you…very helpful :slight_smile: