Help for setting Meter - LUFS


I am trying to configure the Cubase meter settings in the LUFS section so I can see and measure the signal correctly and prevent the level from being exceeded of -9 LUFS (this time) but im a bit confused:

What levels should I set in the below parameters for the mentioned purpose above and what scale I should chose?

True Peak -9 but LUFS is a bit like RMS in that it measures the average loudness over time so I don’t think you mean -9 LUFS.

If you do mean -9 LUFS then you’re looking at integrated but that’s loud.

Yep is loud and nowadays the standard for CD mastering…

The thing is that “integrated” cannot be set to -9.0 LUFS… the less you can set on that parameter is -13.0 LUFS… and there is my confusion with the settings, since i’m not getting the right visual measures…