help friends

i conect my korg pa3x to the aoudio card/
the kebaord like control keyboard wotk perfect but…
iwant to record the sounds for my korgpa3x not the plugins when i use the korg pa3x like the keyboard contol.
i connect the korg to the in put line in the aoudio card and the monitors to the output in the card the sound form the pc and the sound cubase work good/
only i need to know how i record the sound form my korg

Not clear on your set up, version of Cubase, audio card, computer etc, etc, etc…although it all should be the same procedures generically.

Are you trying to record your keyboard, with it’s own sounds into whatever version Cubase directly?

Or are you trying to record midi 1st into Cubase with the keyboard, fix and alter it in the midi editor, then have that midi be sent out of Cubase, back into your keyboard, which will then play the keyboard, then record the keyboards audio into Cubase?

In either case, for audio…you’ll want to send an audio line out of your keyboard, into your sound card, and after you set up your VST Inputs & Outputs (newer Cubase versions call this VST Connections), assign the incoming audio to an audio track, from within that audio track, and be sure to Record Enable that track.

If you’re trying to record midi 1st, then the audio prescription above is the same, but 1st you’ll need to send midi out of your keyboard, then either through your audio card if it has midi I/O, or send it directly to your computer where it will be received in Cubase. To do that, record midi that is, you’ll need to assign a midi channel within a Cubase midi track, this should be the same channel that your keyboard is transmitting midi on. You may opt to set Cubase to receive all incoming midi, as long as youre just using a single midi instrument, midi sound module etc (multiple incoming midi sources will need more attention to separation). Then, when you play midi in Cubase, you send a midi line out of computer/sound card, back into your keyboards midi input…to record audio from that keyboard now, you’ll do the same audio prescription above as I’ve said.

Are you using standard analog audio connections? Standard midi connections? USB for everything? Whatever you’re using, and I didn’t mention this above yet… you’ll need to set what ASIO driver you plan to use within Cubase, under Audio Set Up, when you select an ASIO source within this menu, there should be a drop down list to select from. If you’re using midi at all, you’ll also need to set up your midi ports and midi channels…do all this ‘before’ you select/assign any audio & midi to an individual track.

Hi guys,Me too have the same problem in how to record the sound form my korg.Now i get it through your post.Thanks for your valuable reply. :smiley: :smiley: