Help from anyone whos knowledgable about vocals in cubase 10.5

ok I record hip hop and rap tracks… so I load my instrumental into a track by itself and then i test my vocals by recording a track with just test one two testing one two… the track with the music is carried over to the vocal track but at a lower volume…

I never had that problem until now. is there someone who can explain why this is happening and what i need to do to fix this…


Did you record your vocals while listening to the music through speakers? Even with open headphones some playback sound will make it onto the recording.
Or maybe you have a configurable audio interface, which internally is setup to route the master back onto an input? Which interface do you use?

i use just my headphones and I use ur22

the whole configuration gave me a headache lol

Make sure you don’t have any kind of “loopback” enabled, if available.