Help from someone with "Altiverb"

I use Altiverb 7 with snapshots.
on the Automation lane of the snapshots Im limited to only 10 shots. Why?

I have another FX track with Revernce - I have 100 shots…

Any explanation for that?



At least is there anyone here with Altiverb can approve snapshots works at his Projects?


Yes they work, don’t know why they’re limited to 10…

As computer power increases I find it’s more convenient to make a separate FX track for each reverb scene, the preset automation can be a bit of a pain sometimes.

So for every scene you have a seperate Altiverb “unit”?

I try to figure out what happend to the “snapshots” automation track.

If it gives any clue to someone, for some odd reason, on the Snapshot automation track instead of snapshot “Number” I have values 10.00
100.00 (=10 snapshots)



The Problem is with the Altiverb. The “snapshot” is a dead technology in Altiverb and this is why its so limited.
The new thing is “Automation Lane index”.


But as Alex pointed out. It can also be fairly easy to just alter between say two instances of Altiverb also. Or more.
I often do like this:

Scene A - Alti X
Scene B - Alti Y
Scene C- Alti X

Then it is also very easy to volume automate the returns from the X and the Y smoothly or harshly between scenes.
But, I’m getting old and like to mix old… :slight_smile:


sounds like a good technique but I dont have 8core 64g as you :slight_smile:

You don’t need much CPU for that. Altiverb is light.
Alternative is to use REVerence. I know of several that has switched from Alti to it.


But why using XY is better than just make 20 snapshot on one Altiverb?

CPU with reverb plugs really isn’t the problem it used to be.
In my current comedy series I use 24 reverbs (most mono) all the time on a hexacore. No problem at all even at small buffer settings. Not all impulse response.

Just from curiosity. When do you decided btween mono and stro reverbs?