HELP! Groove Agent SE 4 Download

The link is for the upgrade, not the full SE installer. After waiting ages for the other link to download I realised it was Grove Agent 4, not SE. Help Please! I have a new build PC with Cubase 10 but need SE4 for old projects. Thank you.


Groove Agent SE 4 Full installer comes only with Cubase 9.5 Full Installer. There is not Groove Agent SE Full installer link available.

Oh dear… But can I install it with out installing 9.5. Is there an option… I do remember options.


There are an options. You can definitely install only Cubase without Groove Agent SE, but to be honest, I don’t think you can install only Groove Agent SE. I mean, if you use the main installer. But I believe you will find the Groove Agent SE installer inside of the package.

Yes, there is an SE4 installer inside the package. Thank you.