HELP HELP! restore midi tracks!

Colleagues rescue.
I have a problem.
In Cubase 6 I have a few projects with midi and audio tracks.
That’s all I have on a desktop computer in my small studio.
Everything is almost ready - almost a full mix.
I wanted to go with my laptop to a friend referral to record tracks the guitar because he can not come to me.
The laptop, unfortunately I have not installed any plug-ins and VST instruments, so exported MIDI tracks into projects, removed the MIDI tracks, leaving only the audio track and write down all the new projects in new, separate folders.
I used the function ‘back-up project’.

I was very surprised when I opened the previous design, which should be all paths - audio and MIDI, because they were only Autio.

Although I have all the material in audio form, but as I know myself that I would certainly make many changes in midi and only at the end of work to do to export all audio.

And now I have no MIDI tracks - I can not imagine them play from the beginning …

Is Cubase is able to restore my designs with midi tracks
The ‘revert’ which should restore a saved version of the full size has no effect, in the ‘story’ is empty …
In projects like I see a lot of recorded versions, there is a lot of different files, etc.
Is there no help for me?

What to do to restore the MIDI tracks?

Thank you in advance for your help.


Try to open file before you ade Backup. What file did you open? The original, or the backup?

Backup should be exactly same copy of the original in to the different folder, but…

Yes, but I did back up in order to have a version of the project without MIDI tracks, and only the audio

in original projects, now I have no midi, the backup also … : (

So if I read correctly, you deleted the MIDI parts from the original then did a backup project so you could have a project with no midi?

Do you have any older version of the project with the MIDI information?

yes, exactly,
I removed the midi track and I did back up to the new folders
Now I have no midi - not in the backup and the original
Unfortunately, I do not have the older version, because if I made the changes, simply write down a good version of the current ‘ctrl s’
everything was ok until today … : (

in folders with the ‘original’ version, there are many files, perhaps one of them contain information about midi?
is it possible?

there are multiple files with the extension ‘. bak’ as two or three days, and there is no such moment today before the ill-fated …

uff …
my problem is partially solved
I managed to recover some of the projects, with this morning or yesterday evening … but not all
and so is almost completely rescues the situation :slight_smile:

I think what you did was not a good idea :cry:

Does Cubase not end up with the Backup project open after a backup project, thus probably overwriting the original save file.

It’s always wise to use the incremental save feature of Cubase Ctrl/Alt/S as you go to ensure multiple CPR copies of ones progress.

Not that this is of any help in your current situation, but maybe for future reference:
When performing “back up project”, make sure, you do not have the “keep current project active” (or whatever it is called in the english version) option enabled.
What this does, apart from backing up the project is, it also saves the original project at its current state…(Bad idea IMHO)

Thanks for your help
as I said, almost everything I was able to recover …
but in the future I will be better to check if I have everything I want and where I want to … :slight_smile:

In that case the question - when I want to make an independent copy of the draft in a different folder, how to perform this action to avoid reoccurrence of the present situation?

As said: make sure the mentioned point is not enabled. And if you’ re not sure what the other options do - check the manual.

ok, thnks all for help