Help! How to use keyboard sounds as midi device

Hi, I’m a newbie here, so if my question has been answered elsewhere on the forum, my apologies.

I’m recording mainly using MIDI keyboards (KORG N5EX and KORG SP-100), but would like to use the MIDI sounds on the keyboard itself, rather than VSTs. I understand that you have to use two MIDI cables (in and out on the keyboard and audio interface), and set up the keyboard as a MIDI device, but no matter what I do, I can’t seem to get record the sound patches from my keyboard. Can anyone help, or point me in the right direction? MY equipment is listed below in my signature.

Many thanks, mngratton

You need to connect the audio outputs from the keyboard/s to the audio inputs of the interface.

Then you have to create new Stereo Audio track. Switch On the Monitor button (speaker button, which is orange, if it is On). Then, you can listen all your connected synths thru. If you want to record it, just record it In to this Stereo Audio track, any switch the Monitor button Off.

Hi thanks for the replies. I actually want to still record in MIDI, so I can edit the parts later, but still use the patches from the keyboard. Is there a way to do this, rather than just recording the audio output?

Obviously Cubase will be sending midi to your keyboard and your keyboard will be sending audio back to cubase.

MIDI is not audio.

  • Connect keyboard to MIDI interface; MIDI out of keyboard to MIDI in on interface and vice versa.
  • Make sure MIDI interface is recognized in Cubase.
  • Create MIDI track in Cubase, using interface as MIDI input in inspector, MIDI channel; 1 should be fine.
  • Set track output to same interface, same MIDI channel.
  • Optional: Check MIDI Local on keyboard is off (direct playing won’t sound the patch, only MIDI input)
  • Record arm the track (red button on).
  • Play the keys and check for input activity (green bar indicator) - start recording.
  • Play track and selected patch should sound from keyboard (headphone output for instance).

Brilliant, thanks Split and Arjan P. That works fine thanks. How would I use my SP-100 as a controller and use the KORG N5EX for sending the audio?

Just make the connection.

  • MIDI Out from your SP-100 to your computer (Interface) MIDI In.
  • MIDI Out from your computer (Interface) to the MIDI In of the N5EX.
  • Audio Output from your N5EX to your audio interface.

In Cubase set MIDI input as All. Set MIDI Output to your MIDI Interface. And create Stereo Audio track with inut fo your audio device.

Cubase will receive MIDI data from the SP-100. Through the MIDI track, it will send MIDI data to the N5EX. This will make sound, and send it as audio to the audio interface, and to the Cubase – audio track.

@Martin.Jirsak - many thanks for your help!

Please I have a Juno Ds61 and a midi cable that connects to keyboard to PC. I am new to cubase.I want to use the actual tones of the juno ds for recording. I have the driver for juno ds. Please help me.

Dannykeys… use the ds62 as an audio interface with a usb lead and maybe read the manual.