Help! I bought the wrong upgrade version.

I was so glad when I bought my upgrade from Cubase Artist 6.5 to the full version of Cubase 7. I must have done something wrong when ordering since I got the update from C6.5 to C7. What can I do to rectify this? :blush:

You need to write an email to info at steinberg dot de or if you ordered via asknet write to them on their contact page.

Have you checked your email order confirmation as that should state what you ordered.
It should also state who to contact in case of problems. Good luck.

Another member has had a (maybe) similar experience:

Try this:


Did this myself a couple of versions ago. Take the previous advice given as good Asknet, I think will send you a returns number and address and they were, as I recall, pretty good and not too slow to exchange the versions.
In any case under “distance selling rules” (UK at least) you can return anything for any reason within 7 days.