Help I can't do it! - How to create control tracks for vst instruments

Dear forum, I’ve been working on a setup for months and can’t get it right. Can you give me advice?

I want to solve the following:

I have 2 global layers (drums/bass as VST plugins) that are controlled by MIDI tracks. These run over VM Midi 1&2.
There is also a stack for electric guitar (audio input) via a VST plugin in the global stack area.

In my set list, I want to address all 3 globals with control tracks (preset changes, effects, etc.) Where and how can I create these control tracks?

I used Propellerhead-Reason for the same setting before - it was easy…

1000 thanks!


In Tracks, create a MIDI track and set output to VM Out 1 (for Layers listening to VM In 1) and for VM2 accordingly. To address up to 32 Layers, use MIDI channels: set track MIDI out channel and Layer MIDI input channel to connect.

Thank you musicullum!

I already got that. With your experience: Can you also route MIDI tracks to VST instruments in the stacks to control them?
My example:
I have an electric guitar in the global stack that is played via audio input. In the slot is the VST plugin “Plini” (amp simulation). There I would like to control effects etc. from the tracks via MIDI track.
I would be very happy about an answer.


That should be possible.

  • Create global Part, create a Stack there, insert your plugin(s)
  • goto Devices/Actions and Shortcuts/Global Stack
  • add item and select for instance “Quick 1”, “Dial”, select Midi In “VM In 1”.
  • Open your Stack plugin editor, and at the top right select “QC” (Quick Controls).
  • assign a plugin parameter to QC 1.
  • create MIDI Track with output to “VM 1 Out”, and Input to your MIDI keyboard (where your controller is).

As said before, you can have up to 32 channels (VM 1+2, each 16 channels) to address up to 32 actions.
In this pic, I assigned VM 1 MIDI Channel 2 to Quick Control 1 of Global Stack Insert 1, input is controller 12 which I recorded to the track via MIDI In 2. Track Monitor is enabled so I can test and record my MIDI dial on my keyboard .

So in this picture

MIDI In 2 → MIDI Track → VM 1 out MIDI Ch. 2 → VM1 in MIDI Ch. 2 → Global Stack 1 Quick Control 1 (“Width”).

Once you get the hang of it you can “automate” a lot of actions like that.

Großartig! THX! Ich werde es probieren, wenn ich Zeit habe und gebe auf jeden Fall hier dein Feedback!