Help! I'm Unable to Activate my Elicence

Hi. I’ve got a problem and have tried to contact technical support by email and phone I’ve not had a reply for over a week so I was wondering if anyone here could help me out.

On 12 /5/22 I purchased Cubase Pro 12. This is an updated version from Cubase 5. I have downloaded Cubase 12 and have been using it without any problems for a month however during that time I’ve been unable to activate my elicenser activation code. I have followed the steps via the Steinberg Download Assistant but when I try to present either my USB elicenser or my soft elicenser I am presented with the message THE DOWNLOAD ACCESS DOES NOT BELONG TO A KNOWN PRODUCT. Both Cubase 5 and Cubase 12 Pro are shown in my account profile as belonging to me but Cubase 12 is shown with the hour glass symbol as being not activated.

I’m also now past my 30 days grace period so now I can’t use Cubase 12 Pro which is very annoying as I’ve already made the purchase for it.

If there’s anyone reading this from Steinberg my Technical Support ticket is #487858 (sent on 7/6/22).

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Cubase 12 doesn’t use the eLCC. Use the Steinberg Activation Manager to activate your license, please.

I’ve already followedthr instructions of the Activation Manager. It not letting me proceed. I’m getting conflicted information. I’m able to download my Activation code bit it’s recognising it.

I’d really like to be able to speak to someone from Steinberg about this but the telephone number listed on this site is not working.


Which Cubase 5 exactly did you own? Is it Cubase 5 or Studio/Elements/LE/AI? Did you buy the correct update/upgrade from the given edition?

It’s Cubase 5 Studio. When I bought Cubase 12 Pro I bought the version for to be updated ( not upgraded) for older Cubase versions starting at 4 and finishing at 10.5

I’ve just tried to do it again. When I type in the code I got from my email on purchasing Cubase 12 Pro I get given qan Activation code. When I enter the activation code to upgrade I get a red circle with a cross through it with a message saying NO LICENCE TO UPGRADE IS FOUND. PLEASE CONNECT A USB ELICENSER WHICH CONTAINS AN APPROPRIATE LICENCE TO UPGRADE TO YOUR COMPUTER

  • but in my Steinberg account it recognises my Cubase 5 Studio and the dongle it’s on is plugged into the back of my computer. I’ve also got a Soft licence too but for some reason it’s blocking me!


If you want to go for Cubase Pro, then you have to buy the upgrade, not update. Update is from Cubase 5, upgrade is from Cubase Studio. This is the reason, why you cannot activate, because Cubase “Pro” (the old without any extension) license is missing. You have Cubase Studio instead.

This is the upgrade, you need:

Well that clears things up but I still have the problem that I had already paid £145.00 form the Cubase updated version that I have. Would I be in a position to have a reduced purchase for the upgraded version?


You can return the update and buy a new one instead.

That sounds great! Thank you Martin for all your help.

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