help. import / export problem

i’m using cubase 7 with window 7

whenever i try to import / export audio, sometimes it makes strange noise (it’s really loud n disgusting) and shut my computer down. what should i do? steinberg doesn’t even care. i need you guys.

if you don’t understand what i’m saying, just go through the link and listen it.
i was working on that records, i was precticing mix & producing.
you can hear that noise, it wasn’t supposed to be like that.

please. it’s huge problem n i have no idea.

*mp3 or whatever , every file has problem.
*saved project, and next day i open it, it makes problem so i need to do it that i did yesterday again.
*my computer & audio interface is really fine.

i’m sorry i’m not good at english but please help. any advice?

Is cubase running ok besides that?

I had problems after intallation and had to do a bunch of stuff ( under the guidance of support).

This is a user forum, so if you get stuck open an actual support ticket on the web site.

Sounds like something if messed up.

You should list your equipment in your signature. Did it used to work fine and now it started this?

Or this is a new installation?