Help importing DDP image

I am trying to import a DDP image into WL7. WL opens the montage with all the markers but doesn’t recreates the file waves apart for Track15 which is in the wrong place. It’s all there: titles, isrc and everything.
I looked in the folder. Normally when I export a DDP there is one IMAGE.DAT and an IMAGE.gpk. In this folder they gave me there are 15 .DAT - TRACK01(to 15).DAT and only TRACK15.gpk. Are the files correct? shouldn’t be there a .gpk for each .DAT? Or should it be only one .DAT file and not may?
Maybe somebody with a better knowledge of DDP stuff can help.
Thank you very much.

  1. Are you using WaveLab 7.2.1?
  2. Which software created the DDP?

Thanks for the quick reply.
Yes, 7.2.1. No idea which software they used. Is it written somewhere in the DDP files?

I see. In your DDP, there is one file per CD track. This is legal but rarely used. WaveLab does not support importing this.
If you really need a solution, you could import the file 1 by 1, using “File > Open as”, and then recreate the montage.

Thank you very much. That did the trick.