Help in deleting MIDI I/O

Hey all,
A couple of days ago I was trying to figure out how to connect my Moog Subsequent 37 via USB. Going through several tutorials, I made a new device in the MIDI Device Manger. I’ve since deleted that device from the Device Manager as well as in External Instruments and Inputs in the Audio Connections window. However I’m still seeing that device listed as an option when choosing an Input for any Instrument or MIDI track.

Not sure where else to look but can someone pls tell me how to delete this? I know I can deactivate it and hide it in the MIDI Port Setup, but being new(ish) to Cubase, I’m trying to learn how everything works and would like to know why Cubase is still seeing this as a valid input.

Attached 2 screenshots. You can see it listed as “Moog Sub 37.”

Thanks for any help.


I have a sub37 too, as long as it is connected through usb it will show up in cubase.
What problem does it cause for you that it shows up?

Hey vinark, thanks for the reply.

No problem really. I’m coming to Cubase after years of working with Logic and I’m trying to wrap my around everything. I want to make sure I’m setting everything correctly for my templates.

I’ve been through countless tutorials on how to properly set up the Moog and sync, and it felt like after going through so many I was more confused then when I started. And with the Moog showing up as an input option after deleting everything in the Device Manager, it felt like maybe I had created something somewhere that I wasn’t remembering.

As a followup, would you mind explaining how you have it setup? I’d like to be able to capture MIDI and audio at the same time and to also have the Moog’s clock synced to Cubase (and I’m possibly making this harder for myself then it should be).

I can capture audio no problem, but when I go to capture MIDI and hit the sync button on the Sub 37 I lose all sound - sequencer doesn’t play, no sound when playing keys, etc. it’s like the Moog just freezes. If I disable sync then everything comes back. Under Cubase Project Synch Setup / MIDI Clock Destinations, I have Moog selected. Also have Internal Timecode set as source. On the Moog under MIDI / Send clock, I have that set to off. Am I missing anything?


AFAICS I have set it the same. If you set the moog to sync and it is freezing then, it is just not receiving clock.
Do you have the moog editor installed? There you can easily see if it is set up correctly. You must specify what ports are used for what, midi or usb and through etc.
Do you also have a midi interface or ports on an audio device. It might be worth to try those too.
A program called midiox can monitor ports and you can then see if clock is indeed sent.
Hope you get it working soon!

I have the editor installed so I’ll def check that out. My MIDI interface right now is the MOTU micro lite but I’m connecting the Moog via USB to my MacBook Pro.

Wasn’t aware of midiox, I’m going to check that out now.

Thanks for the help, really appreciated.