Help: Installation and License

Hello guys!
I’m about to buy Dorico Pro 3
I’ve already installed the trial version and since I also have Cubase pro 10.5, I’ve got the iLok USB drive as well…

I’d like to buy the boxed version of Dorico…but my laptop doesn’t have a CD Drive, so the questions are:

Even if I’ll buy the boxed version, Will I be able to activate the already installed trial version?

Will I need to use the iLok USB when using Dorico?.. can I use the one I already own and use for Cubase? …

Will I have to use two iLok USB drive a if I’m running Cubase and Dorico at the same time?

thanks in advance for the replies

You don’t need to buy the boxed version of Dorico: all it contains is a USB-eLicenser and an activation code. You don’t need the USB-eLicenser, since you already have one for Cubase and you can put your Dorico license on there if you wish, though if you intend to use Dorico only on a single computer you don’t need to use the USB-eLicenser at all: you can simply install and activate Dorico on your computer’s Soft-eLicenser so that you do not have to have the USB-eLicenser connected when you run Dorico.

I suggest you simply purchase the download version from the Steinberg online shop, which will result in you being sent an activation code. Enter that activation code into eLicenser Control Center and your trial version will become a permanently-licensed one. There is nothing else for you to download and install: your existing trial installation is everything you need.

Alright! Thank you!