HELP: Installing vst instruments not from the essential set

Hi Music Teckers and enthusiasts

I have just recently bought an audio interface and with it I got for free a Cubase le5 software of which I had to register However, I seem to be having problems with installing sounds onto my Cubase Le 5 software. All the vst sounds can be found in the instrument browser and filter and search and viewer windows on the programs bit( far left hand side panel below instrument). However when I go to load any sound thats not seen in the essential set of halionone in the browser and filter I get the same error message each time: Halionone: Cannot find or load preset “(preset name).”

I have tried to solve the problem but to no avail. Is something in the wrong path for it to load? May I have files missing? am I missing something that I should have downloaded with my registered version of Cubase that I got free with my audio interface? Does it have something to do with the hsb files not being picked up or dechiphered on cubase le 5? Help would be greatly appreciated.