Help! IO2 express

Greetings from Portugal!

I have a cubase le 5 that came with a alesis IO2 express, and a samsung laptop with windows 7 64bits.
I’m trying to set it up and have already tried going to devices>device setup>vst audio system and changing to Asio4all v2.

After I do that I go to devices>vst conections and when I try to change the bus in the input it only shows the mic…no guitar line. This happens both in mono and in stereo. And even if I select the mic input when I try to record anything, the only mic that sounds is the one built in my laptop.

I’ve already searched the web, and youtube, and there’s no help around.
Could I really be the only one with this problem?!

A step-by-step on how to set it up would be great but any help is appreciated!
Thanks in advance.

Go to your Windows Sounds settings and make sure the Alesis is set as your default Recording and Playback device.

Make sure to plug in the Alesis before starting Cubase.

Go to Device Setup and re-check that the ASIO4ALL driver is selected.

Go to the ASIO4ALL control panel and make sure things look correct.

Go to VST Connections and remove all current busses.

Add the correct busses for the Alesis.

Add an audio track and assign the correct input and output in the inspector area.

Enable Record and Monitor on the track.

Press record.

Rock out.

Thanks for the help Scab Pickens and Split!

The problem was at the ASIO4ALL control panel, when I corrected some values Cubase started recognising my guitar input. My only problem now is that I can’t hear what I have already recorded.
I make a track whit guitar and vst drums (ezdrummer).
I hear the drums perfectly and hear absolutely nothing from the guitar (and the audio track shows that there’s info on the track).
The same happens when I export to wav or wma.

I know it’s going to be some easy stuff, related to the outputs, but in my case the easy stuff is the dificult part… :unamused:

Make sure you disable the monitor and record buttons for playback.

Scab Pickens that did it!
If I ever make it I’m gonna mention you in a song or something like that!

Glad you got it figured out. The first steps are the toughest.