Help is needed

Hi everyone,

So I bought the UR22mkII about 18 months ago but activated just about 15 months ago and started scoring with a version of Elements 10.
Lately, the software license has expired and I want to renew it.
The current software if version 10 of elements.

I understand there are several options - full version, updates & upgrades and education.
I’ve been trying to send this message to like a “contact/support” but it seems there isn’t any on the entire website.

Several questions:

  1. Should the update/upgrade be enough?
  2. How do I know if I have the full version of the software or is it just kind of a demo?
  3. Are all the licenses subject to expire after 12 months or was it just because the software was like a “demo” which came with the driver?

Thank you all much for helping.