Help..I've got dropouts in cubase 6.5

The only conclusion I can come to is that C6.5 has something wrong because I’ve tried everything since I upgraded and I still have major league dropouts…done the buffer thing …done the driver thing…done the firewire latency thing a million times, don’t know which way to turn any more, currently using cubase studio 4 on my old xp machine If I want to produce any music because I consider C6.5 to be unusable…it should be possible to play projects from an earlier version but of course they make sure we can’t do that don’t they…does anybody have any other possible solutions to the dropouts problem…please…please…please…Kevin

by the way…when I had C6 I had no probs with dropouts…


Hmm haven^t got dropouts jet.
When you open an older project do you save it again perhaps also with a new name before you start working?

Greetz Bassbase

How many other people have this problem? If C6.5 has something wrong, don’t you think that there would be tons of other people complaining about the same thing? If it’s only you who have this problem, does that mean it’s the app?

Have you done the pref thing?

Yeah ok maybe i shouldn’t blame Cubase but then again maybe my Cubase is corrupted or something…it’s just so frustrating paying a lot of hard earned money to find out that i have to go backwards to keep on doing music, I don’t know what you mean by the prefs thing, can you explain further please I would be very gratefull and thanks for getting on my case to help…cheers, Kevin

Hi…not sure what you mean about the name thing, are you saying I need to save it with a new name…? what would that do ?
regarding the title your correct…should have worded it how you say

Tried this?

Never be too quick to blame your DAW. That goes for anything. :wink:

Hi jeff…just been to your site…you’ve got some great stuff on there…just great,…

yes Bane I’ve tried it…thanks


Sometimes it helps if a cprfile has a defect letz say after a crash, to save it under a new name or even make a newprojectfolder.

So you work mainly with wav samples?

Because if i remeber right there was also a thread where someone had troubles with wavfiles from his internal hd, same file on an external no problem and after saving those samples again to his internal hd problems are gone.

And i know how annoying it can be to systemdoctor and not to make music. Fighting with my Fastrack Pro now for 2 years everytime i am in a flow and everything fits crash. Now ordered and rme soundcard and hope then i make more music than installing and wondering why nothing works :wink:

Greetz Bassbase

I’m guessing you were in the green?

Hi bassbase, I’ve deleted whole projects and started anew so many times I’ve lost count…I work mainly with midi files i tend to wait awhile before converting to wav because i maybe need to change key or alter things and find it easier to do it with midi files…i wish you good luck with your problems,

Hi bane, I used it awhile ago and it did not lead me anywhere, also probably something to do with lack of computertechknowhow…


Witch soundcard you use and what is your buffersize ?$
Your energysave settings are dissabled?
Usb ports HD has everytime power or is win7 allowed to send device to sleep to save energy?

Witch VSt do you use when you get your dropouts?

Greetz Bassbase

Hi bassbase, I use focusrite saffire pro 24…buffer size is 1280 at the moment but i’ve tried it every which way there is…firewire driver latency is on medium, and W7 is set up for audio best performance but I wouldn’t have thought that would matter with such a fast computer…I’ve gone through a project introducing a new vst 1 after the other and it makes no difference, I get drop outs even when playing 1 wav file on a project…strangely don’t get dropouts if I play something from youtube…cheers, Kevin

He means CHANGE THE THREAD’S TITLE because if it’s just you with the problem then Steinberg is not going to be too pleased to be maligned on it’s own forum.

And if you didn’t understand Bassbase’s suggestion then Cubase, being much, much more complicated may just fox your head a couple of ways too. I regard myself as pretty clever and Cubase has foxed me in the past.
Just slow down before you write thread titles and slow down when trying to fix computer problems. Whizz kids are fine when a computer’s working but a disaster-zone when they aren’t. Think!

First off I’d go back to an earlier soundcard driver. No workee? Reinstall the latest. While doing that open the computer and check the connections and check all external connections and leads.
General rule of thumb: If a problem looks serious it’s either very serious or very simple to fix so always check the simple first.
I’d say there may be a conflict or corruption from here but I’d also get a system checker and see if something is overloading or heated or using an unusual amount of ram or spiking the CPU usage.

Do you just have Cubase 6.5 or do you also run 6 there too and even have the 32 & 64 bit versions loaded?

W7 is set up for audio best performance but I wouldn’t have thought that would matter with such a fast computer

Well that would take a world-weary minute to check. :mrgreen:

He did change the thread title!!!

I’d check the firewire card/drivers as per the instructions on the link I gave earlier

He did change the thread title!!!

Cheers. Don’t know about you but although it may have changed in the main title it hadn’t on all the thread answers (I think where they had edits or quotes) and I went by those at the time.

Sorry OP, but better title, thanks.