HELP: I've somehow managed to hide the Project window

Longtime Cubase user but I’ve somehow managed to hide the entire project window and can not figure out how to get it back. This is only on one project file. I can still access the mix console, transport, plugin windows, and play the file back fine just am not able to view / access the project zone. I’ve also tried resetting all windows in the window menu. Have disabled all preferences and third party plugins. Disconnected all extra monitor displays. Any ideas?


Try to open Windows > Window. Select the Project window and click Reset, please.

I’m unable to see the project zone in the windows menu. Nor am I able to see the project zone at all to select it.
Windows 9_28_2022 8_28_33 AM


Could you try to call any Workspace, please?

I deleted all workspaces and am working from the default workspace.

Also, when I try to add any tracks, all the track options are greyed out. I can still playback the file and access the mix console. It seems like the project is not activated, yet it’s the only project open and I don’t know how to activate the project if I can’t see the zone/window.


Could you try to trash Cubase preferences, please?

If you select bring to front
it is the project window that is highlighted
you can also assign it a keyboard shortcut
by selecting the function shortcut
project - Bring to front

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