Help! LE6 install disk scratched!


A couple o months ago, I received a Zoom R16 for a birthday gift. Today is the first day I’ve had a chance to install Cubase LP6 but the disk I was provided with, I just discovered, has a minor scratch in it. Can someone please help?

And what exactly is the problem? :confused:

The problem is you can’t install a program properly off of a scratched disc, and there appears to be no legitimate place to download the full program. (The only related link is for an update patch… Why download a patch for a program you can’t install?)

You can sometimes, especially with only one minor scratch on it…

Cubase LE 6 is a OEM product, so you´ll have to contact the manufacturer of the hardware you received it with, ehich would be Zoom.
Or you contact steinberg support and ask if they can maybe provide you an .iso file of the disc


Please submit a support request using the Support Request Form in your MySteinberg account online and we can assist you with that.

Thank you.