help locating orchestra sounds

I recently installed Artist 6. I bought a code online for the Halion Symphonic Orchestra. Being new to Cubase, I am having trouble locating these sounds. The Orchestra is seemingly not in the right-click VST menu, though my other VSTs are, like Crystal and Kontakt player. Can someone help me find my Orchestra sounds?



The HSO instrument set is an ad-on to HALion Sonic. So you had to open HALion Sonic.

When loading a program into the multi program rack, a reduced MediaBay is opened.
If you in the filter section select “Attribute” you can change search criteria in the blue lane. Push the small triangle besides “Key” and select “Audio - Assets” and “Library Name”.

Now you should have four HALion libraries, and clicking on the the last of them should restrict you to the 110 HALion Symphonic Orchestra sounds.

Good luck

I am still having trouble. Here’s what I did:

add new MIDI track. Clicked Attribute. Minimized everything in the blue lane. Click one triangle, went to Audio --> assets --> Library Name. I see three options - Halion sonic se artist, halion sonic se basic, halion sonic se pro. Clicking on any of them doesn’t reveal any string sounds. What am I doing wrong?

OK, I see you have a problem. When I open HALion Sonic SE I have four library’s, and the last one of them is called HALion Symphonic Orchestra.

I suppose you already have tried to reinstall the HALion Symphonic Orchestra DVD, but have you tried to locate the sounds in MediaBay?

If they are in the system, you could try to search for “Bass Clarinet Combi.vstpreset”.

I haven’t tried to re-install HOS - that’s what I’ll try next. There is no Symphonic Orchestra library, oddly enough.

Ok. This shows how much of a Cubase newb I am. I licensed HOS to my USB device, (no DVD, bought it online) but I don’t think I ever actually installed the Orchestra. I’m downloading a content update from Steinberg’s site and hopefully that will give me the sounds!

Hi alex1fly

Bad news, I noticed on the Cubase web page that:

“Cubase 6 contains a 60-day fully functional trial version of the HALion Symphonic Orchestra VST Sound Instrument Set”

and that properly means that your Artist version does not contain the symphonic orchestra. :cry:

Hope you sort this out some way.

This would be a big bummer, because I paid extra money (50 or 100 dollars, I don’t recall) to the Steinberg website when I bought Cubase Artist 6. I have a code and everything, and supposedly have “unlimited use” of HOS according to my e-Licenser application.

Any other thoughts? I can view the Halion Symphonic Orchestra within Ableton Live - so I’m pretty sure its installed - but can’t find it in Cubase.