Help Logical Editor to select every other 16th within cycle?


I’m trying to make a logical editor that selects every other 16th note within a cycle range. I’ve successfully created a logical editor that selects every other 16th note, but it does so for the whole midi file. Is it possible to make it so it only works for a select range?


Position= Inside Cycle

Can you post a screen shot of what you have so far?

Here is what I have so far:
Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 3.46.09 PM.png
I’ve tried adding “position inside cycle” to the list in the picture but that doesn’t seem to work. Right now whats pictured selects from the entire midi track, when I would like to have it work within specific bars and select only the ones inside. I was thinking cycle range would be easiest but again, I couldn’t get that to work.

I know I’m missing something simple so thanks in advance for the help!

Try playing with Last Event, here parameter 2 is set to 2, so every 2nd event will be selected. This works for monophonic material.

(Disclaimer…Without actually trying it myself… just about bedtime here :wink: )…
Using your screenshot as a starting point…
(pay strict attention to the placement of brackets… that is probably why your previous attempt at adding the “Inside Cycle” line didn’t work :wink: )…

Upper section…
Type is___Equal___Note___And
Position___Inside Cycle___And
( Position___Inside Bar Range__ [exactly as you have drawn there :wink: ]___Or
Position___Inside Bar Range… etc [for all those extra seven lines :wink: ] )

(In other words, make sure that the ensemble of all the “Position___Inside Bar Range” lines that end in “Or” are enclosed in brackets (so that they are seen as one logical argument for the two previous “And” )

If that isn’t clear, I’ll do a mockup of it tomorrow :wink:

Steve’s method of using “Last Event” will of course work also, but won’t work on chords… there can only be one event at a single position.

Aloha guys, just to chime in.

Back-n-da-day I started doing MIDI work with a hardware sequencer (Roland GR-50)
which was basically ALL a sort of LE input. No graphical nothin.

So I am quite comfortable with the Cubase LE.

But after all these years would it not be nice to just type into the LE
the tile of this topic:

‘select every other 16th within cycle’.

and then just have that happen

Perhaps one day with something like ‘Cubase 21’. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: