HELP! lost activation code and registered account

Hi all,

I bought Cubase 5/7.5 many years ago. I just recently wanted to upgrade to the latest version when I realised I dont have my activation code/Cubase box and I cant remember which account I registered under. I still. have the eLicenser and am still able to use Cubase on a new laptop I recently purchased. Is there anything I can do to either retrieve my previous account or transfer to my new one? Ive been trying to upgrade as 7.5 is very buggy on my Macbook.

Much help would be appreciated,

I don’t know where you are located, but this might end up being your best shot if you absolutely cannot figure out a way to access your MySteinberg account …

MySteinberg access issues / no access to registered email address – Steinberg Support

Hopefully you have registered your USB-eLicenser previously with your unknown account and Steinberg can validate your license.

Send them an email with all the info you have available (especially your USB-eLicenser number) and see what happens.

Thanks Scab! Will try that