[Help] Lost my Cubase LE6 OEM Disc...

I Lost my Cubase LE6 OEM Disc…
I hv activate through My Steinberg,
how can I get it again :neutral_face: ?


Download Cubase LE 6.0.5 ISO here. Then download and instal the latest update (6.0.7).

Hi, I also need to download a Cubase LE 6 and I don’t have the installer neither the CD. I checked the link ‘http://support.steinberg.de/ISOs/Cubase_LE_6.0.5.357.iso’ but it is not working. Is it possible to have a working link? Thanks in advance!

Hello, I also lost my Cubase LE6. I have activated before. How can I find the download file of Cubase LE6 ?

Nobody knows ?

If you have activated it, it should be available from your “MySteinberg” - account. Otherwise contact support.

You can also just upgrade to the latest, much better version for a minuscule small fee.