HELP: Lost Nuage Hardware

All I wanted to do was backup my Nuage User Commands, which I did. I found the folder, copied it to a couple of drives for safety and closed it. All the contents are still there in the original location (I just checked).

Then I launched Nuendo 11.0.4 and Nuage (Ver. 2.01). Nuendo came up just fine. But Nuage is not showing up in the workgroup manager at all!

I have no idea why this happened. I didn’t change anything. It just stopped working.
I’ve tried doing a software repair. I tried uninstalling the software and reinstalled it from scratch. No change. It’s saying that some file ( a string of 4 or 5 numbers) is open and I need to close these files before it can finish the repair or install. The ONLY thing I can do is turn off the workgroup manager and tell it to proceed, which I did. Then it says I’ve had a successful install and closes. But I still don’t have my hardware.

I tried doing a firmware update. But both the fader pack and Master apps are showing blank shells. I don’t know what to tell it to use to open them, as Nuage is not showing in the apps section drop down menu. Bottom line: I’m totally lost now.

Any idea how to get it reconnect with the PC?

I got it back. it took 10 uninstall/reinstalls. But whatever that gremlin was finally left. Everything works as it should with the latest software/firmware.

You wouldn’t expect this kind of thing on a brand new PC. USUALLY, you get a one month “Honeymoon Period!” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Whew! I hope that’s the last of the drama for at least the rest of this year!

Always check Firewall setting and allowances in these cases. Had the same issue once where the windows firewall blocked all Nuage units.

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YEP! That’s what it looked like was the cause. :astonished: