HELP!! LPD8 Cubase 8 Configuration

First off, I’m a complete nooby, to the software, to AKAI and other beat pads (whatever you want to call them).

I’m just really interested in music, so i bought Cubase 8, and an AKAI LPD8 to start me off.

I’m having trouble getting the LPD8 to work with cubase, I’ve tried looking up various solutions but nothing seems to solve it, i figure I’m doing something wrong.

I’ve installed the LPD8 editor and uploaded the preset i want to use, I’ve gone into cubase device setup and selected generic controller, and put LPD8 for input and output. It did work on some things at first, i loaded up the Hip Hop Production that comes with the software and could tap the pads and I’d get sound from it. I created an empty project, and loaded up groove agent, tapped on the pads once i loaded a instrument preset and nothing happens, same applies for HALion and prologue.

I restart cubase and try it again and nothing happens, i check device setup and LPD8 is still the input and outputs. I’ve even gone through Youtube videos for beginners, however nothing has resolved my problem.

I hope someone can shed some light onto the situation and help me out, its so frustrating!

Do you see any activity on the midi indicator on the transport panel when hitting a pad? If so, are your audio settings correct. Do you hear sound when clicking on a key on the virtual keyboard of e.g. Halion Sonic? If not you midi setup might need further investigation. Also make sure in the track inspector you have the PD8 midi input selected or set it to all midi inputs just to be sure.