Help- Making a License Portable

I have opened my USB-elicenser. It seems as if my Old Cubase 3SL license is locked into the ‘dongle’. There does not seem to be any remove option.
Does this mean I cannot update it to a new license and/or will I lose my Cubase LE7 license if I try to copy it to the ‘dongle’? and if so can I recover it?
Some advice would be really appreciated as I would like to use Cubase LE7 on 2 computers.
Sorry to sort of repeat the question

No, there isn´t - why would you want to

It means if you move your LE 7 soft eLicense to a USB eLicenser, you the have two licenses on the key - very simple procedure…
And by the way: You are not copying the LE 7 license to the USB key,m you are transfering it.

Thank you for your reply.
I did not realize you could have two licenses on the one USB. I am just a bit timid when it comes to licenses.
I realize it is just a transfer and not a ‘copying’. I also realize that if it works then only the computer it is plugged into will open Cubase.
Many thanks