Help me decide which laptop please

Specs what im looking at are:

Ryzen 7 5800h
8 cores,
16 threads
16gb ram
1tb ssd (or 500gb sd with 1tb external hd)
Cpu clock 3.2ghz. Boost speed 4.7ghz

I produce house, trance etc. Is anybody running cubase on a similar laptop with similar specs? Any alternatives i should look at? Budget is £1000 max. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hi @dlf -

I apologize, this isn’t a direct solution to your problem, but the folks at ADK audio built my workstation in 2014, they were great in terms of support, and their hardware is going strong here. They have laptops for sale it seems when I looked here, , the downside is that they are much more expensive than your $1,000 budget.

Maybe browsing what they have will help somehow, maybe they have used ones for sale, I don’t know!

Either way, I just wanted to pass along that I had good experience with that company, so maybe that can help you somehow also.

PS: Other smarter guys here will be able to add more, but the guys at have long said to beware when buying laptops, because if a component doesn’t play nicely with audio (even though it looks all powerful and all), it’s often very hard to change it out, as one could on a tower, etc.

Thankyou i will look into it :slight_smile:

I understand there can be bottlenecks with a laptop but they are more powerful than ever now and at some point we have to consider it for the sakes of portability.

ADK was sold off to another company. The guy that actually built the systems continued under a different name:

Interesting, indeed (and off topic, but …) …

@JCschild used to post here frequently in the “old forum”. You know, when there was a dedicated hardware/studio setup section …

I had considered purchasing an ADK in the past, but at this point I think I’ll just take my chances and “roll my own”! :crazy_face:

I have been wondering why he “disappeared” around here.

Checking at that site … looks like Chris Ludwig is the main guy there. He was one of the key guys at the “original” ADK, I can see giving him a call again when I retire my old ADK rig.

I think “Dave” was assigned to me when I got my rig. His customer service was excellent! Hopefully he’s still there helping people out!

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It’s the system latency which is critical for real-time audio applications. If you buy an off the shelf machine it’s worth searching it’s DPC Latency check results that other users have put online. It’s particularly important for machines with discrete Nvidia GPUs - just make sure you get the model number EXACT when searching for such data.

Other than that, you’re right that most modern machines are up to the task in regards to power. If you can upgrade the RAM and SSD at a later date you can kinda ignore what it comes with too, and concentrate on getting a good base machine.

Don’t forget battery too, I got an MSI gaming laptop and use that with Cubase - it runs great, but the battery is dreadful - drains when not plugged in which just ruins the experience of it being portable really, every time I use have to put it on charge.

I used to have a Dell XPS And wish I just got a newer one really.

The other issue, is if you’re not using an external monitor - consider the display resolution. HiDPI is great, but there’s still issues with Cubase and HiDPI whereby plugins get cut off and you can’t do anything about it other than disable HiDPI and then everything goes small!

Unless you’re tied in with Windows, I’d really consider an Apple MacBook M1 also. Super efficient, solid and quiet - but you can’t upgrade the flippin’ things! :frowning:

Thanks for the suggestions. I just ordered a desktop windows pc. Ryzen 7 5700G 16gb ram, 500gb sd, for £550. I spent many hours looking at different options and this was the best deal for performance and price. A macbook for similar specs would be trebble the price and i am not a believer in being ripped off when pcs are just as solid and more upgradeable. I used an old 2 core Dell Inspiron laptop for years and it was solid as a rock and i absolutely hammered it doing all my producing and university work on it and it still runs like a dream, although the specs are way past it now so had to upgrade to due needing better specs due to my songs needs more plugins and instruments throwing at them