help me I have question pls concerning midi controller

I am working on a song I dont have a bass guitar only electric and pedal gt100 that has midi , I tried to play bass by electric guitar midi mode but the notes are not playing in time, Is it better if I get a midi controller or a bass guitar


Maybe, it’s just this issue. Check it, please.

Notes not playing on time.

Could be a lot of things but it’s probably just audio latency.

Lot more info needed.

So you have something that puts out midi notes like a keyboard?

You have it setup with something that creates sound like a VSTi?

It’s out of time when you record it or play it back?

What is the buffer size in your audio interface setup?

Aloha n,

As a MIDI guitatrist I would say if you don’t have ‘killer chops’
get either a MIDI keyboard or a real bass guitar.

However if you DO have great chops, one of the Roland MIDI guitar controllers will work just fine.
I currently use a Roland GR55 as my main controller.

A bit pricey yes, but Roland does have cheaper ones with no built-in sounds.

So in that case the bass sounds would come from within Cubase or from a 3rd party plug like ‘Trilian’.

Good Luck!