Help me understand Quantise please

I am getting rather confused with Quantising. When I record a MIDI drum track with my keyboard, I cant seem to get the playback to be quantised. I understand how to “ReQuantsise” using the notation display but my original MIDI recording is not quantised. Isn’t there a simple way to quantise midi playback? I just want to display a drum part in 16th’s and have my MIDI recorded drum played part also quantised to 16th’s so that its in time.

Hi @MrSaxompahone
Quantizing refers only to the Notated Duration (what Dorico writes as rhythm). You also have a Played Duration (what you hear as playback) that, when you record Midi live instead of step-inputting, can be different from the Notated Duration defined through Quantize (you can switch the visibility of both in the Key editor):

Now to your specific request:

Try this:

Select all music in the drum part, menu Play and click on Reset Playback Overrides.

Some more information here:

Here an example of before and after Resetting Playback Overrides. You can see the results and also manually adjust the played lengths of the notes if you switch the Played duration view in the Key editor:




Thank you team!
The terminology seems a little different to what a regular DAW user (errr I’m not a cubase user so might be different there) would assume.


(I am not part of the Dorico Team, I am only a fellow Dorico user :slight_smile: )

DAWs have also a distinction between quantizing of the notes in piano roll (what you probably are used to) and notation quantizing (if they have a score editor) and yes, the terminology is in every software a little different.
Dorico has the ability to show both of these worlds in the key editor (piano roll) through Notated Durations and Played Durations (as I explained above) and let you control very powerfully and comfortably what you see vs. what you hear.

What DAW do you use?

Thanks Christian.
I’m a Logic user.

Hi @MrSaxompahone
in Logic you also have 2 types of “quantization”:

-Time quantize in piano roll (in the Piano Roll you see the recorded notes similar as Played Durations in Dorico): If you Time Quantize them then the score will see exactly like the quantization. (in Dorico if you choose Reset Playback overrides, the time quantization will be identical to the visual quantization)


-Visual Quantization in score view (similar to Notated Durations in Dorico): this is independent only visual quantization, also if the notes in Piano Roll are not quantized, you can show them as visually quantized using the score Quantize options (as Dorico makes with its Quantizing)

Dorico can show both of them in Key editor.

Here an example for Logic:

Yup sure,…well aware of the above Christian, thanks.
I guess it’s just a wording issue,…perhaps Dorico could adopt “Playback Quantise” and “Notation Quantise”…(Or similar)…Never mind,…not a problem.

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